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Neoark -- A young generation team who’s heavily involved in a conventional industry. Humble beginnings is taken place by ever improving achievements and state of mind. A very matured industry is mingled with new and Hi-tech drain allow us possibilities  to make up new ideas, designs, techniques and products. Endeavoring to be the loyal partner of all customers, to give smart counseling pieces, to play multiple roles as a manufacturer, exporter, supervisor, resource hunter, mind maker, and the most – a reliable friend!


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Tianjin -- Coastal city. One of the four municipalities that have provincial-level status. With its urban land area is the fifth largest in China, ranked only after Beijing ¡¢ Shanghai ¡¢ Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It’s ports, some distance away, are located on Bohai Gulf in the Pacific Ocean. Beijing the capital is adjacent to the northwest. Municipality TJ borders Hebei Province to the north, south, and west; Bohai Gulf to the east.